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Updated: Mar 10

With so many distractions around us 24/7, from the internet, the news, life, and not forgetting the little devil in our minds (our subconscious mind) that was created to protect us from danger.

How we deal with obstacles that can too easily kick us out of our motivated state, or feel like everything is against us is key. We need to understand the importance of setting outrageously high goals and seeing them through to fruition, regardless of the obstacles that we are up against.

These topics are close to my heart as I totally understand that the steps to succeeding in this area is totally teachable. I know this as fact through my own experiences in all areas of my life. One experience that stands out when it comes to teaching health goals was in 2014 when I decided to take on the challenge to go from never really training for more that try my best to feel comfortable in a bikini on the beach. (Small goal, yet it is one that I know many women workout and watch their diet for).

It wasn't until I started following the steps given to me by an ex-military friend, who obviously knew the power of following instructions.

So, in as little as 60 days I totally transformed my physic and became 3rd in the World Natural BodyBuilding Championships in Madrid.


The lessons I learnt over those 60 days were more powerful than just transforming the shape of my body. It also gave me the understanding that if I follow a system, and strategy that has been proven to work, and I learn from the lessons and process, then this is something that can be taught to anyone who is willing to put in the effort and focus always on the one step closer, rather than the amazing results you may see as impossible in the beginning when things get tough.

In a nutshell, your results truly depend on your approach, your belief and your mindset as you move towards the huge goal you have set.

The one thing that all successful people have in every area of life, be that in business, relationships and health, is that they never gave up!

No matter what, quitting was never an option.

Regardless of the pain, obstacles, or negative reaction from others. The drive is unstoppable!

Let's dive into some powerful strategies that will keep you on track, whether you try all of them or just pick the ones that resonate best with you, you know deep down what it will take for you to stay on track.

Let´s start with...


You need to truly desire what you are working towards.

Whatever you are doing, it starts with the will you have towards achieving your goals. It has to be so strong and you have to be so determined that NOTHING will come in the way of you reaching success.


You need to fall in love with the process.

This is more powerful than having a passion for the product or end result.

It's important to love the product if you are taking action, but if you are not enjoying the actions steps, you will too easily throw the towel in. The passion has to be so strong both for the good and the challenges that do not feel so good.


The third thing we need is to make ourselves proud.

It's important to create small wins. On a daily basis you have to be proud that you did something, be it in the process of reaching your goal or even in day to day life.

Be proud of yourself for doing things you know make you a better person for you and to others.

Make that extra effort with your family life, friend, and colleagues or co-workers. Without expecting anything in return.

Apart from writing down at least three things I'm grateful for at night before I go to sleep is, also ask yourself what did you do today that makes you feel proud. Did you help someone, did you do something that you would normally shy away from for lack of will of confidence.


As the saying goes... How you do anything is how you do everything!

Each decision you make throughout the day towards taking positive action steps reflects on everything in your life. those decisions are the building blocks for everything in our life. They create an environment in your head that duplicates throughout.


Feed the animal within!!


We are what we consume. Fuel yourself well!

Not only with what you eat or drink, its deeper than that!

Your action steps fuel your energy.

Be kind, be supportive, be caring.

it reflects on the person you are. The way others see you.

Remind yourself when you push your limits or do things that make you feel proud, you are improving each day, more and more.

A great example of building your powers, can be your focus, you strength to avoid procrastination, your will power to go that extra mile in life.

Condition your mind that you are becoming someone who is stronger and better than you were yesterday.


Think about tomorrow...

When you have those moments of doubt as to what you are doing or if you should make that extra effort. Think about how you will feel tomorrow. How proud you are that you made that extra effort.


Transfer the thought of you working towards your goals as excitement... it should be!!

Pulling teeth is not exciting, but working towards your goals and getting one day closer by taking te actions steps necessary is truly exciting!

Wouldn't you agree?!!

Once again, this goes for everything.

Saying no to eating food that does not support your health goals, should be exciting as you know the results you will achieve by following the right steps and avoiding what doesn't serve you, is positive and a step in the right direction and not backwards.

It may sound a little crazy, but you know most people moan about things just because...

Because they can, and it seems to be the done thing, who doesn't moan about avoiding delicious desserts.

Be proud to have your mind under control knowing just by being excited about being able to avoid what doesn't serve you will help you reach your goals even faster.

Turn any negative talk into EXCITEMENT!


Stay on track!

When you give up, nothing good happens. When you are staying on track, this is where the magic happens. Even the smallest steps towards your goal is exciting and powerful.

Giving up on anything is the start of a totally different journey that can spiral you into a very negative mindset if not taking care of sooner than later.

Remember, just by staying on track, you have hope.


Channel your energy...

Whether that is anger from previous relationships or situations you have been in or lived through. You will be surprised if used consciously the positive energy you can pull from naysayers or possibly close family who didn't believe in you for whatever reason.

Knowing how and when you tap into this energy is more powerful than you can imagine to support you in never giving up on your goals and dreams.


Always add 10% more!!

Everyday in everything you do. When you are about to call it a day... do one more lap, one more rep, one more post,one more call. Doing this on a daily basis will get you ahead of your competition before you know it!


Always live in the moment. Be present.

I am normally big on multi-tasking, yet lately I have made an effort to do one thing at a time. Im sure you may agree that your "To do List" is crazy most of the time. I totally get it! By focusing in on one task at a time, you begin to get momentum.


Keep moving forward!

Little steps everyday is better than than one big step every now and then. Never have a zero effort day. If you feel you fall back even when taking action, be sure to take two extra steps the next day. Keep in momentum. Stay in the game!


Create a starter ritual...

Or do something that conditions yourself into Action. You will be surprised at how it works.


Build grit... that means doing things you don't want to do.

The more things you don't want to do the more things you do that makes you feel uncomfortable, it builds your muscle against procrastination.

When you do things consistently that challenge you, you are raising your bar. Keep on raising your bar towards your goals.


Tick off all of your boxes... reflect on your past but look towards the future. Check the boxes both good and bad.

Never live in the past, live in the present, and plan for the future.

The above are proven strategies to help you discover your will in working towards your goals.

Which of the strategies will you incorporate first?

You can achieve everything you desire if you are willing to put in the effort and enjoy the process.

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